July 19, 2023

Journey of Fitness Marketing

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⬤ 01. Education First Approach

Company Overview

Anabolic Aliens, led by fitness celebrity Mike Rosa, offers a comprehensive fitness transformation experience. With the credibility of a YouTube Gold Button creator, Mike brings a personalized touch to each 90-day journey, ensuring a blend of uniquely crafted workouts that challenge and motivate. The program is structured to accommodate individuals at different fitness levels and focuses on creating a supportive community environment. Members not only benefit from tailored workout plans but also gain premium access to the innovative Exerprise app and the chance to engage in live coaching sessions. 

⬤ 02. Precision Targeting


Lead Generation Variability

Establish a perpetual engine for high-quality lead generation that operates beyond hit-or-miss campaigns, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients.

Innovative Growth Hacking

Leverage Klantroef’s expertise to rapidly test, optimize, and implement strategies that drive user acquisition and retention.

Competitive Differentiation

Utilizing the celebrity influence to carve out a distinctive niche in the fitness market, ensuring the brand’s offerings shine brighter than the rest.

Engagement through Email

Energizing an underused email list with personalized campaigns that leverage the celebrity's voice, transforming subscribers into active community members.

Pricing Strategy Precision

Crafting a premium pricing model that reflects the value of a celebrity-endorsed fitness journey, aligning cost with the cachet of exclusivity.

Advertising Activation

Developing a paid advertising strategy that showcases the celebrity's involvement, spotlighting the brand and attracting a consistent stream of leads with targeted appeal.


Market Research and Compliance

  • Leveraged market insights to tailor messaging that resonates with Anabolic Aliens’ target audience.
    Analyzed competitor strategies to uncover unique market positioning opportunities.
  • Assessed regulatory constraints to develop compliant yet impactful marketing campaigns.
  • Explored audience demographics and preferences for targeted campaign creation.
  • Established a continuous feedback mechanism for adapting to evolving market and regulatory changes.
  • Utilized data analytics to refine audience segmentation and improve campaign targeting.
  • Prioritized transparency and ethical marketing practices in line with industry standards.
  • Integrated compliance checks into campaign development processes to ensure all marketing materials met regulatory guidelines.

Creative Conceptualization & Omnichannel Execution

  • Designed targeted landing pages to capture interest and maximize lead generation.
  • Utilized engaging lead magnets, such as free trials and downloadable content, to attract a diverse audience.
  • Employed precise audience segmentation to tailor messaging and offers, enhancing lead quality.
  • Integrated social proof and testimonials within funnels to build trust and credibility.
  • Automated lead nurturing sequences to warm leads and guide them towards conversion.
  • Analyzed user behavior within funnels to continually refine and improve engagement strategies.
  • Leveraged retargeting campaigns to re-engage visitors who did not convert on their first visit.
  • Established clear metrics for tracking funnel performance, focusing on lead quantity and quality.
  • Adapted funnel strategies based on feedback and performance data for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritized mobile optimization to ensure seamless experiences across all devices.

Value Ladder Implementation:

  • Introduced free workshops to engage and educate potential clients.
  • Designed introductory offers to provide a low-risk entry point into Anabolic Aliens’ services.
  • Developed program offerings that showcase the full spectrum of Anabolic Aliens’ expertise.
  • Improvised premium, personalized coaching options for clients seeking tailored fitness guidance.
  • Launched exclusive community memberships for ongoing support and advanced resources.
  • Implemented upsell strategies to introduce clients to additional, complementary services.
  • Developed loyalty programs to reward and retain long-term clients.
  • Utilized customer feedback to refine and expand the value ladder offerings continuously.

Marketing Funnel Optimization

  • Tailored messaging for each funnel stage to guide prospects from awareness to decision.
  • Enhanced calls-to-action based on user behavior insights to increase click-through rates.
  • Leveraged personalized incentives to motivate conversions at critical funnel junctures.
  • Integrated social proof and testimonials to bolster credibility in consideration phases.
  • Optimized landing page designs for clarity, speed, and conversion efficiency.
  • Deployed retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who didn’t convert on the first visit.
  • Analyzed funnel drop-off points to implement targeted improvements.
  • Adjusted content delivery based on audience segmentation to increase relevance and engagement

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

  • Identified and partnered with fitness enthusiasts who align with Anabolic Aliens’ brand values.
  • Created a tiered commission structure to incentivize high-performing affiliates.
  • Developed affiliate-exclusive promotions to drive engagement.
  • Launched an affiliate dashboard for tracking performance and payouts.
  • Offered training and resources to affiliates for maximizing their referral success.
  • Implemented regular affiliate communication for updates and motivation.
  • Monitored affiliate traffic and conversions for insights and optimization.
  • Ensured clear, compliant messaging across all affiliate marketing materials.


⬤ 05. Platforms

Our Marketing Channels

⬤ 06. Efficient Scaling


  1. Optimized brand exposure via YouTube campaigns, achieving a 34.35% view rate and expanding reach to key demographic segments, notably males aged 18-24 .
  2. Refined search campaigns targeted at fitness experts, resulting in a substantial click-through rate of 7.24% and an average CPC drop to $0.57, indicating efficient budget allocation .
  3. Leveraged high-intent keywords to heighten lead acquisition, seeing a conversion from keywords specific to home workouts, underscoring the campaign’s alignment with audience interests .
  4. Drove customer engagement through tailored Klaviyo email campaigns, which resulted in improved click-through rates and Open rates of up to 40% sustained audience interaction.
  5. Implemented strategic retargeting with personalized video content to strengthen brand recall.
  6. Launched affiliate marketing strategies to expand to much larger audience.
  7. Introduced free live coaching sessions as a value proposition.

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