June 1, 2023

Increase in 130% Lead generation




Efficient Lead Generation Mechanism to be implemented

  • Strategy

    Perf Marketing, Qualified SQL's

  • Client

    Navigation Trading

  • Platforms

    Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads

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MQL'S & SQL's Increase


Subscriber Increase

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Decrease in Avg. CPA


Successfull Campaigns

⬤ 01. Education First Approach

Company Overview

Navigation Trading specializes in teaching straightforward, statistically-based trading strategies. They eschew hype for a probabilities-focused approach, offering everything from free strategy courses to premium memberships with live trading streams and alerts. Their philosophy emphasizes education over speculation, aiming to equip traders with the knowledge to execute profitable trades regardless of market direction. To get the full picture of their offerings and educational philosophy, you can visit Navigation Trading’s website directly.

⬤ 02. Precision Targeting


Market Saturation

Differentiating their educational services in a market flooded with trading advice required a distinctive approach.

Targeting and Engagement

Identifying and engaging the ideal customer segment, mainly active traders seeking advanced strategies, needed a precise and tailored marketing strategy.

Regulatory Navigation

The highly regulated financial education space demanded marketing efforts that were compliant yet effective.

Value Proposition Clarity

Articulating unique value in a sea of similar offerings was critical to cut through the noise and capture attention.

⬤ 04. Strategic Differentiation

Value Propositions

Our team honed in on segment-specific ad copies leading to carefully tailored landing pages, which significantly increased relevance and conversion rates. By mapping the customer journey, we ensured each visit resonated more effectively with potential leads, streamlining the path from interest to action

  1. Executed precise customer group identification and targeting strategies.
  2. Ensured adherence to financial industry regulations, building trust.
  3. Developed and communicated unique brand value propositions.
  4. Leveraged data analytics for insight-driven marketing initiatives.
  5. Implemented a niche content strategy to educate and convert effectively.
  6. Adapted campaigns in real-time to align with market and consumer dynamics.
⬤ 05. Platforms

Our Marketing Channels

What it’s like
to collaborate

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⬤ 06. Efficient Scaling


  1. Achieved an increase of over 200% in qualified lead volume through targeted campaigns.
  2. Cost per acquisition (CPA) reduced by 30%, maximizing budget efficiency.
  3. Generated a 150% return on investment (ROI) through strategic ad placements and refined targeting.
  4. Drove a consistent monthly lead count of over 1,000 highly engaged prospects, with conversion rates improving by 20%.

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